January 2017 Price Increase

Dear Valued Customer,

It is with deep regret that I am informing you of our plans for the beginning of 2017. Due to recent changes in international economics, the cost of our manufacturing has dramatically increased. As we manufacture our products in China, and need to exchange our currency to accomplish this; we can no longer keep our prices as low as we have in recent years.

We have tried to absorb this change ourselves over the past few months, however to continue to make a profit we need to take action. This email is a polite notice to our valued clients, so you do not get a shock when you log in this January.
A lot of our older stock, and sale items will be unaffected by this change! However items that we continue to products, and all of our newer products will be subject to a price change.

Our prices will increase by a maximum of approximately 10%, with some styles being increased by a smaller percentage. We wanted to give you notice, and make sure this change didn't happen as a surprise before Christmas.

You are of course welcome to order in whatever volume you like before the beginning of January, to make the most of the current prices. However we do not want to put any unnecessary pressure on you, and wanted to give you time to put your pricing strategy in order and make a plan for your business.

We appreciate your understanding during this difficult time, and we hope you have a wonderful and successful Christmas.

Kind Regards,
Miss Lulu Bags