Discounts And Promotions

Retail Discounts And Promotions

Retail customers may be entitled to take advantage of discounts and coupon codes. The discounts are run at our discretion, and may be in the format of specific products being reduced in price (where they will be available in our "sale" section with a discounted price). We will also occasionally run a discount that is applied to the entire shopping cart (excluding shipping), which will be displayed near the top of our website or mentioned via our social media outlets. We may also distribute retail coupon codes, which are distributed by ourselves or our partners. These are subject to individual terms and conditions, such as code expiry date, for each individual code.

Wholesale Discounts And Promotions

Occasionly we will run discounts and coupons specifically for our wholesale customers at our discretion. The discounts range from products being sold for a discounted price (as seen in the "sale" section) and as a discount that is applied to the entire shopping cart. We will advertise these discounts through methods of our choosing; such as email, text message and social media marketing. We therefore cannot be responsible for any customer missing these deals.

Volume Discount

We offer volume discounts for larger orders, based on the shopping cart value (excluding VAT), and are therefore applied at the end of the checkout process.

£500+   =  5%
£1000+ = 10%
£2000+ = 12%
£3000+ = 13%
£4000+ = 14%
£5000+ = 15%

Cash Back Coupon

As a valuable customer, we always like to give you something back as a thanks for your order. That is why we have our Cash Back Coupon code. This means every time you place an order online, you will be sent a coupon code to redeem within 30 days of your purchase. The coupon will be for the value of 10% of your shopping cart sub-total (ex-VAT), to a maximum value of £50.

For example:-
Order #1 spend £220.00 ex-VAT - You receive a coupon for £22.00 off.
Order #2 spend £450.00 ex-VAT - You receive a coupon for £45.00 off.
Order #3 spend £900.00 ex-VAT - You receive a coupon for £50.00 off.

Where Is My Coupon?
The coupon is sent with your order confirmation email. We will always send you a confirmation once your order has been shipped (to the email address you use to log in), and your coupon code will be at the bottom of this email. If you have deleted this email do not worry, as you can also retrieve this code by logging in to your account, and selecting "view your order history" in the "my account" section of the website. From there if you click "view order", you can retrieve your code in the order history section. It is advised to copy and paste the code to ensure accuracy.

Free Shipping
For worldwide orders over £200
Special Gift
Give the perfect gift to your loved ones
Money Back
If not satisfied with a product, a refund will be issued

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